Oakland, California

1999 Master of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1994 Bachelor of Fine Arts, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA
1966-68 Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

2004 Canon Photo Gallery, Honolulu
1981 4th. Street Photo Gallery, “Natural Environment”, N.Y.
1980 11th. Street Photo Gallery, “Hawaiian Haiku”, N.Y.
2008 Berkeley Civic Center, Berkeley (Juried)
2007 Berkeley Civic Center, Berkeley (Juried)
2006 KALA Art Institute, “KALA Fellowship Exhibition”, Berkeley
2005 Sebastopol Center For The Arts, “Moment In Time” (Juried)
2005 Sebastopol Center For The Arts, “Art/Music” (Juried)
2004 Paxico Gallery, Los Angeles
2004 KALA Art Institute, “The Big Picture Show”, Berkeley
2001 SF Arts Commission Gallery, “The Home Show”, San Francisco
2001 Wood Street Gallery, “Synesthesia: The Next Generation in Art”, Chicago
2000 Artemisia, “In Search of Objects”, Chicago
1999 ARC, “Degrees of Influence”, Chicago
1999 Inside Art, “Grotesqueness of Desire”, Chicago (Juried)
1998 Gallery 2, Chicago (Juried)
1998 Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, “You Are What You Eat With”, San Pedro (Juried)
1998 Side Streets Projects, “Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island”, Santa Monica
1998 Gallery 2, Chicago (Juried)
1997 Center for Visual Arts, Oakland
1996 Sheppard Art Gallery, “Images 96”, University of Nevada, Reno (Juried)
1996 Center for Visual Arts, Oakland
1995 Berkeley Art Center Association, Berkeley (Juried)
1995 Off Center Gallery, “The Box Show”, Berkeley
1995 Center for Visual Arts, Oakland (Juried)
1995 Pro Arts, Oakland (Juried)
1995 Works Gallery, “Rice: Object, Symbol, Concept”, San Jose (Juried)
1994 Center for Visual Arts, Oakland (Juried)
1993 SF Camerawork, San Francisco (Juried)
1993 Bolinas Museum, Bolinas (Juried)

2005 KALA Art Institute Fellowship
1999 SAIC Fellowship Competition, Honorable Mention
1997 Trustee Scholarship, SAIC
1994 CCAC All College Honors, Honorable Mention

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